The Designer

Eleonora Vallone

Eleonora Vallone, already a child of the arts, athletic, eclectic with an alternative artistic personality; started off as a painter [her style defined by the great art historian Mario Verdone, as ‘Cubo Futuristica’] in Via Margutta in 1975. She continued her artistic progress in the world of show , for example as a presenter in 1981 at The Festival of San Remo, where she wore one of her own designed outfits, much admired and subsequently much requested. She also acted in television and on the cinema screen. She also became a scriptwriter for TV, a songwriter and journalist.

In 1984 she suffered in a serious car crash at the height of her career and as a result undertook a system of recovery involving water. She founded the first specialised AquaGym School, pioneering a technique of water gym involving swimming combined with over two hundred gym exercises. She has written five books on AcquaGym technique.

Continuing her development into the field of beauty and health she focused on the importance of harmony and physiological and physical wellbeing, this combined with the practical elements of movement and an ‘oneness’ with the body: without limitations bringing together a sense of self acceptance. Citing the philosopher David Le Breton – ‘feel, therefore I am’, in full harmony. Eleonora Vallone had a more positive perception of her body awareness with a greater sense of security and personality.

This led to a philosophy in her first fashion designs, that they enhance the awareness of the body form and comportment. These designs not only combined the freedom of mind, beauty in sympathy with function but a love the material that she likened to that of the skin of dolphins. A material for making clothes in which the body could realise its full potential. In fact her design and production of a swim wear line in 1992 not only provided greater floatability in the water and streamlined elements but also it re-portioned the wearer. Her designs evolved using natural colours, into a collection of women’s, men’s and children’s wear, with accessories such as bags and gloves.

The material used was Neoprene, usually associated with Sub Aqua wear because of its anti irritant properties.

The material was also used in the production of specialised work wear for mineral miners and in the car manufacturing industry. It is a tough, anti abrasive, flexible and highly resistant fabric. At the time it was unheard off to be used in the fashion world. It is very similar to skin and maintains elasticity, doesn’t modify preserves body temperature at a constant. It modals perfectly to the body, adapting to the natural form whatever the shape, slim or extra size, correcting any defects. Neoprene also helps to maintain a correct posture; therefore it is a material that enhances all aspects of the body.

The body becoming the ‘outfit’ not as often is the case with many stylist and designers that the outfit dresses the body. With clothes made from this material you can feel your body, caressed in movement, never interrupted. For those whom wear these designs have a greater sense of self acceptance, beauty and health that go beyond fashion and its trends.